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"It's a plan that puts communities at risk."

Many issues can split opinion – but when it came to asking Michiganders what they thought of Mitt Romney’s proposed cutbacks on public safety and teachers – it was uniform across the board. Check out what a few people had to say.

Laura J., Grosse Pointe

My mother – a single mother - worked long hours to provide for my brother and I. With that sacrifice came more hours spent in the classroom after school, working and laughing with a few good teachers over my assignments. I can’t imagine a world with fewer teachers – and ultimately, less personalization. That just doesn’t work.

Donald G., Lansing

My partner is a proud firefighter who has saved countless homes or businesses from complete destruction from fire. It’s not an easy, or glamorous job. But it’s a necessary role in our community. And without it, I can’t even imagine how many of those homes – and lives – would have been lost.

Katie A., Beverly Hills

Police are our eyes on the street when we can’t be there. Police have the know-how and wisdom to mediate delicate situations. Mitt Romney’s plan? It’s a plan that puts communities at risk.”

Has your life been touched by a teacher or first responder? Share your story now.

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