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"It's a no brainer" - Giovanny after hearing Mayor Castro at the DNC

Giovanny Arguello at Latinos fest in Manchester, NH

Giovanny with his family at a Latinos for Obama event in Manchester

The Democratic National Convention was officially kicked off yesterday with Mayor Julian Castro of San Antonio, TX and the First Lady headlining the first night. We've been talking to folks all day about what they thought, including Giovanny, a local supporter here in Manchester. Giovanny watched the Convention at a Latinos for Obama house party, and had this to say about the gathering and the speakers:

“The atmosphere was fantastic and the room was full of Latinos who are supporting the President in November. The best thing of all was that everyone was really excited to hear from Mayor Castro who gave the keynote speech last night.

“Mayor Castro delivered the arguments that I wanted him to address, particularly about opportunity. The idea that the right to opportunity, which then leads to prosperity down the road really resonated with me and was exactly what I wanted to hear. I also loved the humor he used to tell his story. He made it so much more personal. It's people like Mayor Castro who really stand out to me."

Looking back at last week's Republican Convention, Giovanny said he has an easy choice to make:

“It’s a no brainer, if you’ve been paying attention then you’ll conclude that the policies that got us in to this mess were Bush policies and we are still paying for it. What I hear from Romney and Ryan are the same failed economic policies. I’m worried about my financial security when they talk about taking the Bush tax cuts to the next level by cutting taxes for the very wealthy. It means people like me, middle class Americans, who work hard every day end up paying more. Romney is completely out of touch.”

The Democratic Convention is just getting started and there are watch parties happening all across the Granite State on Thursday for the final night. Find one near you and join us to watch President Obama officially accept the Democratic nomination. It's always more fun with friends!

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