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It’s a Meeting of Mississippi Minds! You’re Invited!

"This campaign can't only be about me...It must be about what we can do together.”-President Barack Obama

Here we are, embarking upon this journey again. Having been successful in 2008, we know that “togetherness” is still the key to positive change in our country. The conversations that we have are important. Our interactions are monumental. Simply getting “together” is imperative. There must be unity in our vision.

So ask yourself, “Did I want to get involved in 2008, but I wasn’t sure how?” This your opportunity to get involved. This is your opportunity share your opinion, resources, experiences, and to JUMP INTO ACTION.

Join us on Tuesday, June 28, 2011 at 6:00 PM for the Metro-Jackson Grassroots Planning Session at Mississippi Democratic Headquarters. Located at 832 North Congress Street in Jackson, MS.

Grass Roots Planning Sessions are an opportunity for staff, volunteers and supporters to come together, and help plan what the campaign will look like in our communities, how we'll organize our neighborhoods most effectively, and how we'll reach out to new supporters in the weeks and months ahead. Come on out! This meeting is for change-makers and potential volunteers like you! RSVP: here and to tell us you’re coming. See you soon!

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