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Cody, Angela and Jayden

Among the attendees at Monday night’s opening celebration of the OFA-Missouri State Headquarters was Angela V. and her two boys. Angela is one of those bright-eyed, high energy, enthusiastic supporters who bubbles with a contagious excitement. Watching her excitement spread as she conversed with other supporters at the opening was a delight.

“I’m here tonight because I’m excited! I’m excited about the campaign and feel it’s time for everyone to be excited. Since the 2008 campaign I’ve continued organizational work, doing everything I can to support the President in the St. Charles-Wentzville area. Tonight, I hope to connect with other supporters and staff who will help me grow our St. Charles county grassroots network for the 2012 campaign.”

Angela’s commitment to community organizing seems to have passed down to her boys who were very excited to be part of the celebration and are both big fans of the President.

“I really like the President and I think he’s going to win in 2012.” - Cody
“I notice where I live a lot of people don’t give him enough credit for what he’s done. He’s done a lot of good things. Yeah, a lot of really good things like helping the military veterans and the economy.” - Jayden

It’s volunteers like Angela and her family who are stepping up to own a piece of this campaign. They are getting involved and committing now to organize within their neighborhoods and communities, to engage voters, and to spread the importance of President Obama’s re-election for Missouri and the country.

Volunteer to help organize today!
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