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“It was a great day”

President Obama traveled to the Granite State yesterday to talk with voters about the choice we face this fall, and took a moment to enjoy a hot fudge sundae with customers at the UNH Dairy Bar.

Tegan O’Neill, Rev. Dr. Mary Westfall, and Bob Hannan all shared the stage with the President that afternoon.

“You see the President so much on TV, so seeing him in person—that wide smile—it was amazing,” explains Tegan, who is an organizer on campus. “The speech was really good, even better than I expected. For me, I've been working on this for months and months, and to see him here in this small town in the middle of New Hampshire was electrifying.”

Rev. Westfall, who led the invocation, was inspired:

“I loved the speech, especially how President Obama made such clear distinctions between his vision for the country and the vision advanced by Mitt Romney and his Republican allies. The President and Romney have very different world views, which is the key thing voters really need to understand.

“Electing Romney would plunge us further into the economic and social stress created by a decade of failed policies prior to when President Obama took office. He did an exceptionally good job yesterday in outlining those distinctions and underscoring the major choice that is ahead for voters.”

For Bob, a veteran who led the Pledge of Allegiance, it was a good reminder of what we’re fighting for:

“I was very impressed, both with the President and the crowd. He hit all the right topics. We cannot go back, we have to keep moving forward.”

Check out the photos to see highlights from the President’s trip—including his ice cream break—and then add your name to support his economic plan.

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