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It takes one: Leroy Peasley

Leroy Peasley of Rockland snaps off a Marine salute during the July 4th parade in Thomaston. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)

You may have heard of Leroy Peasley. When President Obama visited Portland in 2010, Leroy led the Pledge of Allegiance. Leroy knows a thing or two about allegiance – a veteran of World War II, Leroy served his country valiantly. As a Marine, he not only fought at Iwo Jima, but he also protected President Roosevelt at Camp David. While no longer an active duty Marine, Leroy still recognizes a great leader when he sees one and supports the President for this very reason:

"Because he [President Obama] is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln--a special person who has come amongst Americans to lead us out of the depression and a house divided. Only he with his patience and intelligence can do it. He is going to go down as one of our greatest leaders of this country. I believe this whole heartedly, and as a Marine, I would protect him and follow him to the end of the earth."

While Leroy can no longer serve the President in the Marine Corps, he can continue to serve in a different capacity – as a volunteer. This weekend, join Leroy and other volunteers in attending an It Takes One weekend of action event near you.

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