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It Takes An Office


There are many ways to support the President. Most people make phone calls, canvass, donate money, register voters, or do data entry. While all these tasks are important to win in 2012, there are other ways to make a difference . I’m using my skills and experience everyday at the Los Angeles Headquarters to ensure Barack Obama is re-elected in 2012.

Until I retired two years ago, I was a TV and Film Production Coordinator in Los Angeles for 30 years. Now, I volunteer full-time to help Obama for America - California’s headquarters run smoothly. I was surprised to discover that the skills I honed from coordinating television shows and film projects transferred seamlessly to my work for President Obama.

In the film business, one of my responsibilities was to plan ahead and figure out what was needed in advance. When the campaign’s LA office first opened, we didn’t have any chairs, sofas, or tables. I called vendors that I had worked with in the past to see if they could help us. As it turned out, we got a donation of all the furniture and artwork in the office. When we need food for volunteer training events, I call restaurants and grocery stores in my neighborhood. Developing relationships with vendors in our community cannot be underestimated.

It is extremely helpful when volunteers stop by the office. There is always a project ready and waiting to be completed. Volunteers can collate and staple packets for campaign events, help us clean up and organize the office, take the trash out, do data entry, and even help the staff plan upcoming events.

I am calling on all Barack Obama supporters that live and work near Los Angeles and Oakland to stop by and find out how you can help. We need mothers, little league coaches, office assistants, store clerks, and business owners. We need everyday people with tremendous life skills to join the campaign. Let’s unleash your organizing skills!

As we get closer to the election, more and more supporters will stop by the office to see how they can join the campaign. It’s our job to make sure the office is prepared to put them to work for the President.

Every job that is done, no matter how small, contributes to the campaign. Be proud of everything you do for this monumental election. Be very proud. I know I am.

Stop by the Los Angeles and Oakland Headquarters today to see how you can help.

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