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“It just takes one” in Columbus, Ohio

"It takes one—just think like that. It just takes one. And as simple as it sounds, every time you take action to move this campaign forward, we’re asking you to inspire one more person to step up and do their part as well. So if you’re making phone calls, knocking on doors, bring one friend. If you’re coming to an event, bring a neighbor who has never been involved in an election before, someone who is uncertain. When you’re voting early, or on Election Day, bring one new voter along with you, right? One—it just takes one."
—First Lady Michelle Obama earlier today

The First Lady visited Columbus, Ohio, today to ask volunteers to bring more supporters on board between now and Election Day.

Linda, a retired flight attendant, was one of those volunteers:

"Before her speech, the First Lady sat down with a group of probably a dozen of us. She said she really enjoys speaking to those of us who are out in the trenches, and she's glad to get some feedback from what's going on on the ground. So we were delighted to do that."

"It was awesome," agrees Terri, a teacher. "She thanked us for what we were doing and talked to us about the importance of everyone getting involved and moving things forward. This is about each of us talking to our friends and neighbors, getting everyone involved. It was inspiring. I felt the earnestness of her message and how committed she is. It was nice to hear the thank you and have the opportunity to learn why we should do more."

Bruce, also a teacher, says his conversation with the First Lady motivated him to step up his commitment to the campaign:

"She made us want to work hard. It was nice to realize that there was someone out there working just as hard as we are for the campaign. We’re trying to make phone calls and recruit volunteers and canvass, and it gets tiring, but when you see her do this, it’s inspiring—she’s out there doing it all the time.

"I’m willing to do whatever we need done to re-elect the President. The First Lady told us that we had been singled out by our teams as potential neighborhood team leaders, and I’m going to do it."

"She told us how important we are. Then she said 'No good deed goes unpunished,' because she's asking us to do more, but she knows we're up to the task," says Layne, a high school student. "Then we took a picture with her, and she gave me a high five because I told her I was voting for the first time in November. It was just the best."

The rest of the volunteers agreed.

"If I can get every one of my team members to find one additional person, it’ll be great for my team," says Bruce. "Every time we have a phonebank, we should have one new person show up—soon we’ll double the size of our team, and we’ll have those new people bring one more person into the fold too. It really does just take one."

Join volunteers like Linda, Layne, Bruce, and Terri—get on board for the It Takes One weekend of action this Saturday and Sunday.

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