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It Gives Me Peace of Mind

When Almayna’s 24-year-old daughter graduated from college two years ago, she was dropped from the family’s health insurance policy. She found part-time work at a TV station in Georgia, but the job was without benefits. Then, she got sick. It was a sinus condition that required surgery she couldn’t afford. Almayna knew her daughter deserved better.

“It angered me when they dropped her. What was her crime? She did what she was supposed to do. She graduated with great grades and finished in four years. She went to summer school and took an extra load of classes to complete college on time. And she was immediately dropped from our insurance as a reward.”

After President Obama's Affordable Care Act passed, Almayna’s daughter was able to get back onto her parents’ health insurance and will be covered until she turns 26.

“When I told her about President Obama’s plan, she was excited. She immediately started going back to the doctor because she was able to do it without worrying about how to pay. And I was so happy I could add her because I had been putting off buying her medication."

Almayna, who is a middle school teacher, says she’s more productive at work now that she knows her daughter will get the care she needs.

“It gives me peace of mind, because who has that kind of money saved up? I would have had to go into my retirement account for the surgery, or not pay a phone bill to keep up with the monthly medications required. You need that sense of security so that if something gets out of control, there’s something there to help you get through it financially. It means we won’t have to make a choice between taking care of a health issue and going without it.”

The Affordable Care Act has helped 2.5 million young people get health insurance. To see how reform is helping people like you, check out this infographic and share it with your friends.

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