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Iowa volunteers welcome the President

Braving the rain at the Iowa State Fairgrounds yesterday, volunteers from all around Des Moines came together for a grassroots campaign event with President Obama.

Shortly before volunteers helped usher a flood of supporters inside to escape the rain, Air Force One flew overhead as everyone clapped and waved. Then, the blue shirts got down to business, signing up new volunteers, organizing the line, and getting people fired up.

Inside the venue, Yvonne helped people find a seat in the bleachers. Her father is an active volunteer and she wanted to support his efforts.

“It’s been wonderful. It’s my first event where I could see the President up close and personal, and it was wonderful to volunteer and help people get in and out of this place. Iowa loves our politics and it’s great that we can do this.”

Caroline, a local Des Moines volunteer, made more than 300 phone calls inviting Iowans to the event, which earned her the chance to sit on the stage behind the President.

“We’re kind of spoiled in Iowa, but it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to have the President so close to us. So we want to take advantage of it and support him and let him know we’re behind him.”

At the end of his speech, President Obama asked every supporter and every volunteer to stick with him and give him time to finish the job he set out to do.

Some of you remember—because I've spent a lot of time here ... I warned you I’m not a perfect man and I wouldn't be a perfect President. But what I told you was, I promised you I would always tell you what I thought and I'd always tell you where I stood, even when it politically wasn't convenient. And I would wake up every single day, fighting as hard as I know how for you and your families and your children's future. And, Iowa, I have kept that promise. And I will keep it as long as I have the honor of being your President. So if you’re willing to stick with me and fight with me and press on with me, and if you’re willing to work even harder than you did the last time, we'll move this country forward and we'll finish what we started.

When it was all over, 14-year-old Ben sat watching the crew clean up the auditorium. The whole experience of this grassroots event left an impression on him.

“This is the first political speech I’ve ever been to. It was very impressive and I feel like I learned a lot. I liked the way he wrapped it up. It was very clean and very energized. He did a very good job.”

Join these Iowa volunteers and get the President's back in your community.


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