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“Iowa Stands Behind the President”

Iowa volunteer Kelly is not wasting any time getting ready for the caucuses—she’s already rounding up volunteers to make calls and get people to the polls on January 3rd.

Kelly, who was born in Iowa, caucused for the first time in 2008.

“I hopped on board pretty quickly for President Obama’s 2008 campaign. I heard him speak and he just impressed me like no other. I just connected with him—I trust him, I respect him.”

“2008 was my first caucus ever—I had lived out of the area for 11 years—and it was a remarkable year for Iowa. I’ll never miss a caucus again. And when President Obama was elected, it was just a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.”

When candidates started campaigning in Iowa for 2012, Kelly wanted to get involved, but she wasn’t sure how to get started.

“In April I started getting nervous about the President getting out there, because all of these Republican candidates were swarming on Iowa and it was driving me nuts! And then one day, I got a phonebanking call out of the blue from Emily, a volunteer on the Iowa campaign to re-elect the President. She asked me if I wanted to get involved and I said, ‘Absolutely, let’s meet right now!’ Emily helped me realize there are people around here who are already involved, and that there is a growing grassroots organization in my community.”

Kelly organized a neighborhood team in her town, and even though she’s a mom with two jobs, she makes sure to phonebank every week.

“I feel good about being an American and participating in this process. I feel good about being a role model for my children, and telling them about how important volunteering is. I feel good about doing everything I can to make a difference; I can’t make big contributions, but this is what I can do and this is what I can make time for.”

Keep up to date with what Kelly and volunteers in Iowa are up to by following @OFA_IA on Twitter and liking the Iowa team on Facebook. And if you’re in Iowa, check out our new Commit to Caucus site.

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