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Investing in Our Education System


I haven’t always been an organizer. Before I started organizing for President Obama in New Hampshire, I taught math and social studies to sixth graders at a Massachusetts school for low-income students. What attracted to me to teaching was the school’s mission, and being at a place that gave students better opportunities in a safe and structured environment. What brought me to organizing was both an interest in getting the President re-elected, as well as wanting to support programs like AmeriCorps—which helped fund my work as a teacher but is almost always in danger of losing its funding.

Here in New Hampshire, right now I’m organizing for events that highlight the American Jobs Act that President Obama proposed earlier this month. It’s plan that focuses on creating jobs, including investing in our education system and in our teachers. For instance, our state would receive $70 million in funding to support as many as 900 jobs to upgrade schools and improve classrooms. I have first-hand knowledge that when students have what they need to be successful—books, computers, and a well-equipped classroom—they are better able to focus on their studies. And you as the teacher can focus on helping the students rather than worrying about having the tools and resources you need to help them learn.

This is just one aspect of the plan. To learn more about how the American Jobs Act will help New Hampshire teachers and workers, visit Want to help spread the word about its benefits? Join us for one of our upcoming events here in Hollis or one of the many across the state.

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