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Introducing the North Carolina Class of 2011 Summer Organizers!

North Carolina proudly introduces the 2011 Class of Summer Organizers! This force of organizers are working statewide to win the future, including the Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, Chapel Hill, Wilmington, High Point and even Scotland areas! The 2011 Summer Organizing program represents North Carolinians from all backgrounds and professions, including teachers, college students, lawyers, care takers and even an engineer!

2011 Raleigh SO Groupshot

After an exciting and thorough two day training, Summer Organizers learned about the story of North Carolina, our team model of organizing and how to effectively organize in their communities. Volunteer leaders played an active role in training this next generation of organizers.

SOs Listening

Volunteer Leaders Ann C. and Sandra J. led an interactive icebreaker to help SOs share their unique skills and abilities they could bring to the table. SOs shared skills such as, "I can eat 40 buffalo wings in one sitting", "I can skydive" and even "act in plays".

SO Icebreakers

"This may be the most important thing you ever do" - Mitch Stewart Obama for America's Battleground State Director. Mitch taught the SOs first hand the story of our organizing efforts and the importance of their role in building the grassroots organization in North Carolina.

Mitch Stewart @ SO Training

After only 3 days on the ground, the Summer Organizers are FIRED UP and already deep into reaching out to fellow supporters and setting up one-on-one meetings with volunteer prospects. Team North Carolina aka "New Blue" is proud to welcome a new generation of amazing organizers to continue "Winning The Future!"

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