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Introducing Grassroots Planning Sessions

Our campaign is being built from the ground up—not in Washington D.C., but by voters and citizens in neighborhoods across the country.

It’s being built by people like Steven from New York. Steven hadn’t been very involved since 2008, but received an invitation to a grassroots planning session and attended on a whim. Now, he says he's all in—brimming with ideas for how he can use his skills to help lead the campaign in his community and get his friends and family involved.

These grassroots planning sessions are so crucial to the future of the campaign that we’re thinking about them as part of our organizational DNA. They’re an opportunity for staff, volunteers and supporters to come together, online and offline, and help plan what the campaign will look like in our communities, how we'll organize our neighborhoods most effectively, and how we'll reach out to new supporters in the weeks and months ahead.

In Washington State, Thurston County is building new neighborhood teams. And in Indiana, new volunteers and old campaign friends are coming together to talk about how Bloomington will start building this campaign from the ground up.

Barb in Michigan summed up what grassroots planning sessions are all about when she said: “I took away a sense of the mission, timing and our needs.”

Over the next few weeks, we’re inviting everyone to take part in a grassroots planning session, either online or off. There is no better opportunity to be in at the ground floor of this campaign. You can look up events near you here, and keep an eye out for an invitation in your email inbox too.

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