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Introducing Comment of the Day

Each day, hundreds of you take the time not just to read this site, but to take part in the conversation by sharing your thoughts in the comments. Your stories and your passion for supporting the President inspire us in our work every day, so we've decided to launch a new feature to highlight them: Comment of the Day.

What qualifies as a Comment of the Day? It could be something insightful, inspirational, or just plain funny—and we want your help to choose it.

As you’re reading through the comments, make sure you click the ‘like’ button to vote up those you enjoy and appreciate. We'll look at the most popular comments first in our search for one to feature.

Our very first Comment of the Day comes from Zhana:

Best advice I have heard today... 'Channel NH.' Or as President Obama would say, 'Remember New Hampshire!' The polls showed us ahead by as much as 10 points... and then we lost. The moral of that story is that we cannot take anything for granted!

On Monday we’ll feature the best comment from over the weekend. Whether you’re a regular commenter or leaving your thoughts for the first time, it could be your words we share on the site. (And don't forget to make sure to vote for your favorite comments by using the 'like' button!)

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