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Inspiration Drives Tucson Volunteer Leader

I was 19 years old when Robert F. Kennedy announced his candidacy for President. I volunteered to work for his campaign because he stood for things I believed in: peace and civil rights. Since his tragic death in 1968, I had not been passionate about any other candidate until I heard Barack Obama’s presidential announcement speech in 2007.

I worked as a volunteer for President Obama’s 2008 campaign and I continue to stand behind him now, in 2012, because I truly believe that he is a man of substance. President Obama is leading our country out of the chaos he inherited, in spite of the negativity and pettiness he’s had to endure. The President has been true to his campaign promises of reforming health care, making college more affordable, ending the war in Iraq, and putting us on the path to energy independence.

Although President Obama has accomplished a lot, there is much more on his agenda. We need four more years with him at the helm, so that our nation can leave troubled waters behind and sail smoothly towards peace and stability.

This is why I’m working as a neighborhood team leader in Tucson, and I hope that you will join us as we work to re-elect Barack Obama. Sign up to volunteer today!

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