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In this Campaign, Everybody has a Role

Comfort Captains!

Comfort Captains play a vital role in California’s grassroots campaign. At phone banks and field offices across the state, Comfort Captains provide snacks and refreshments to other volunteers. With phone banks that last for hours at a time, Comfort Captains ensure that making calls for the President is an enjoyable and productive experience for everyone.

Nancy is a dedicated supporter who has spent the last few weeks volunteering at Organizing For America’s Rally Center in Long Beach. Nancy was hesitant to make phone calls, but that hasn’t stopped her from making a difference as a Comfort Captain.

My husband is a volunteer co-director at the Long Beach site. Being aware of his hard work inspired me to get involved, even though I felt that making phone calls wasn't what I had the talent for. I enjoy baking, so I’ve happily donated cupcakes and shopped for the center. My contributions are very minor in comparison to what I see others involved in, but I realize that every little bit helps.

As a result of Nancy’s hard work, the Long Beach rally center has become one of the most productive locations in California.

I strongly believe that making volunteers feel comfortable, appreciated, and valuable keeps them coming back. The atmosphere at the center is very positive, and every day it's filled with dedicated people who are making a difference. I truly admire all the hard work and passion I've seen and will happily be involved in any way that I can.

Californians have been doing an amazing job over the past few weeks getting out the vote for President Obama and we can't let up now. The calls we make here in the Golden State will be the difference on Election Day. Despite the long hours and endless lists of names to be called, phone banking is always a pleasant experience due to the hard work of Comfort Captains. Sign up now for a GOTV phone bank today; our Comfort Captains will be there to take care of you.

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