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In the news: "Big 3 push U.S. factories to capacity"

This morning, The Detroit News reported on factories reaching their full capacity for all three of Detroit's automakers.

By the end of the year, all three Detroit automakers will be operating at more than 100 percent capacity in North America — a major turnaround for an industry that saw plant utilization fall below 50 percent three years ago.

"All three companies were running below 100 percent last year," said manufacturing expert Ron Harbour, a senior partner at Oliver Wyman. "By my estimate, we now show all three of them running over 100 percent."

Increased capacity at factories like GM's Grand River Assembly in Lansing has resulted in more jobs, more shifts and overtime:

The increase in capacity utilization means more factories are adding a third shift and more workers are putting in overtime.

This is good news for shareholders because it means they are getting a better return on the money those companies have invested in new equipment and tooling. It is also good news for autoworkers, who are earning more overtime than they have seen in years.

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