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“In the face of immeasurable difficulty, our President forged ahead”

“My mom is 62 years old and works as a freelance dental hygienist in Plano, Texas. She hasn’t had health insurance for over 5 years. Three months ago, her doctor found a tumor in her uterus—stage 1 cancer. The impending cost of her surgery, an overnight hospital stay, and follow-up appointments were expected to cost my mom at least $20,000 to $30,000 in out of pocket expenses, which would have bankrupted her. Until Obamacare came along, uninsured medical costs were the number one cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States.
“After my mom told me about her cancer in July, I discovered the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan (PCIP)—a stop-gap measure to help insure folks with pre-existing conditions until the individual state health exchanges come online in 2014. My mom applied and was approved by PCIP within two weeks. She had her surgery the very next day and they successfully removed the tumor. One week after the surgery, toxicology tests showed that the cancer was completely removed and there was not a trace left in her body. One month after her surgery, she was dancing with me at my wedding in New Jersey.
“The biggest thanks of all goes to President Obama, who made Healthcare Reform such a high priority in his first term. In the face of immeasurable difficulty and dissent—our President (who I fought so hard for to get elected in 2008) forged ahead to get his signature law passed through both houses of congress—a remarkable achievement that every president since Teddy Roosevelt (over 100 years ago!) had tried and failed to accomplish. But President Obama got it done. He passed healthcare reform, which in turn has already started saving lives and also millions of dollars for real people—people like my mom. And that, my fellow voters and volunteers, is why Obamacare is such a big deal.”

—Matthew W., New York, NY

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