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In Lansing, it’s all eyes on October 9th

Registering voters in Lansing, Michigan

With Michigan's voter registration deadline approaching next Tuesday, October 9th, Team Lansing is in “all hands on deck registration mode.” They've registered voters at bus stations, churches, and even Michigan State University football tailgates—and will be almost anywhere there’s foot traffic this weekend for Michigan's voter registration weekend of action.

Team Leader James Marshall explains the importance of this final registration push:

“This is it. After October 9th, we'll only be engaging with Michiganders that are registered to vote. If you're not on the rolls, you won't be able to cast a vote for President Obama. It's that simple. And that's why we need to make sure we get as many people engaged in the election as possible.”

Registering voters in Lansing, Michigan

For Valerie, one of the team’s core members, it's all about voter education.

“I've found that a lot of people don't register due to their age or ability to get to the polls on Election Day. The past few weeks we've begun registering students in community colleges and high schools. Many of these students aren't 18 yet but will be by November 6th, and are therefore eligible. When you tell young people this, their eyes light up, and they pass that information on to their friends. It's an amazing moment.”

Voter Registration Captain David continues with the importance of education:

“Face-to-face conversations are important when it comes to registering members of your community. Just as I trust hearing from my friends, families, and neighbors on the issues I care about—it's the same here. Making sure that people know they have options even if they can't physically get to the polls has been a big motivator, especially for some of the elder members of our community who will be voting for the first time.”

After October 9th, the team will be focused on making sure everyone who registered has a plan for getting to the polls on Election Day—and recruiting more supporters to do the same.

“The reality is—you won't be able to cast a vote for President Obama again,” David says. "So make sure you're ready.”

Are you ready? Find out if you’re registered today.

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