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In case you missed this must read 50 Story


Earlier last month we shared the story of Meredith Bohn of Hollis as part of our 50 Stories in 50 Days. When First Lady Michelle Obama came to town back in August she met with Meredith. This past week the First Lady shared five inspiring stories of women that she has met while on the campaign trail and one of them was Meredith.

When we met in New Hampshire in early August, I thanked Meredith for her service and for all she had done for this country, and I let her know just how much her story inspired me. I told her how meaningful it was to Barack to have been able to help people like her all across our country.

Make sure to check out Meredith's story and read what First Lady Michelle Obama had to say about her. With just 16 days left before Election Day we need everyone to help us get out the vote. We simply cannot afford four years of Mitt Romney as President. If you have Barack Obama's back then help get out the vote in your neighborhood and help make sure we can continue to move forward.

Help Get Out the Vote

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