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In Brookings, SDSU students kick off Greater Together


This week at South Dakota State University, most students could be found participating in the annual events of Hobo Days (homecoming). They may have taken part in such traditions as “The Bum Olympics,” the Miss Homelycoming contest, the Jackrabbit football game, or the Hobo Day Parade. However, a small group of SDSU students chose instead to start a new tradition at SDSU: a tradition of passion, volunteerism, and grassroots organizing. These students attended the SDSU Greater Together launch for the Obama 2012 campaign on November 2nd. They learned about the Greater Together campaign and how it seeks to unify students and reignite their energy for the 2012 campaign by providing them with the organizing and online tools they need. Together, they heard about President Obama, how his policies have truly helped young people in the state of South Dakota, and how we want this campaign to continue the tradition of service to the community and dedication to our country.

The group was small but mighty. It consisted of seven SDSU students who were eager to learn what they could do to make a difference in 2012. They shared their personal stories, asked questions, and expressed their excitement about the policies of the President that affected them, such as Pell grants and Veterans issues. In the coming weeks, this group of students will be tabling in the SDSU Student Union, holding weekly phone banks, connecting with community members, and building a base of more awesome Jackrabbits whose colors are truly “BLUE” and yellow.

If you’re interested in joining them, sign up here, or create your own event here.

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