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Dialing for immigration reform

If you were in a certain dimly lit kitchen in Ontario, California, last week, you would have heard several OFA volunteers on their phones making calls to hundreds of supporters asking them to join an effort to pressure their congressional representatives to pass comprehensive immigration reform. These volunteers joined hundreds of others across the nation in answering President Obama’s call, in the State of the Union address, to make 2014 a “year of action.”

Armed with just a few call sheets and a phone, volunteers recruited hundreds of immigration reform supporters to commit to taking action to ensure that 34 key members of Congress—members who have every reason to help get this done—feel the cost of their own inaction.

Here are some highlights from around the country:

Ontario, California—Team Inland Empire, in Southern California, recruited volunteers to make sure Representative Gary Miller is held accountable.

Dallas, Texas—Volunteers with OFA-Texas made hundreds of calls to Representative Pete Sessions’ district.

Chicago, Illinois—Team Chicago North kept this dimly lit café aglow with their immigration reform phone bank.

Long Island, New York—Volunteers like Lina in New York State made sure their congressional representatives knew that comprehensive immigration reform was important to them, and that there is a cost of inaction.

See more tweets and photos in the slideshow below:

Immigration reform is an issue that affects all Americans. Don’t let the House of Representatives off the hook for inaction. Step up and say you’re in.

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