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Letter to the editor: It's time

We've waited too long for the House of Representatives to take action on comprehensive immigration reform. Now, Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is preparing to bring to the House a bill that reflects the key components of the bipartisan agreement that already passed in the Senate bill: a pathway to earned citizenship, stronger border security, accountability for employers who hire undocumented workers, and a streamlining of our current immigration system.

Let's tell the House it's time for them to act.The letter to the editor page is one of the most read sections of every local newspaper. That's why, over the next few weeks, OFA supporters are writing letters to make their voices heard on comprehensive immigration reform.

New York—These OFA volunteers worked together at a letter-writing party.

It's been three months since immigration reform passed the Senate. The House of Representatives has had more than enough time to act on legislation that will create 3.2 million new jobs, reduce the deficit by more than $800 billion, and strengthen the middle class. Whether you or someone you know has a personal story about immigration, or if you are simply one of the clear majority of Americans who want to see immigration reform happen, you can help bring attention to this issue in your community.

Find out more about writing successful letters to the editor, including best practices, and submission instructions for newspapers in every state—then get started.

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