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The final six

For six weeks, OFA has been calling out lawmakers who have had every opportunity to fight for comprehensive immigration reform, but failed to take action. Today we're going public with the six final names on the list:

Day after day, these representatives walked into their offices, received staff briefings, and took messages and phone calls from constituents who demand action on this issue. They should have pushed Speaker Boehner to hold a vote, but they failed to act.

Their inaction has already cost the U.S. more than $6 billion—$37 million for every day they've delayed. The House has adjourned for the year—meaning once again they failed to bring up this pressing issue.

When they return to Washington in 2014, they will have a chance to make that right.

Join the fight—tell these representatives to lead on comprehensive immigration reform when they return. Tell the House that it's time to vote on immigration reform.

Join the fight
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