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The cost of inaction is just too high

A little more than a week ago, Speaker Boehner claimed that there isn’t enough support for immigration reform to bring it to a vote in 2014.

What he didn't address was the cost of not acting—including the cost to our nation's economy, the cost to businesses, and the cost to our communities. Speaker Boehner also clearly wasn’t paying attention to the voices of people in his own district—or the voices of people in 33 others across the nation—who came out on Saturday to show their representatives that they support reform.

These folks sent the message loud and clear that the only thing standing in the way of comprehensive immigration reform is a handful of lawmakers in the House. Check out how volunteers are mobilizing:

Cincinnati, Ohio—
Eliseo Medina—a leader in the organizing effort for immigration reform and one of the fasters in the 2013 hunger strike on the Mall in Washington, D.C.—joined OFA volunteers to talk about how to put pressure on Speaker John Boehner.

Austin, Texas—Volunteers in Austin, the site of just one of several events held in Texas that day, excitedly discussed how to make sure Rep. Lamar Smith feels the heat.

Madison, Wisconsin—Another leader in the fight for immigration reform, Sister Simone Campbell, pitched in to help train immigration organizers in Wisconsin.

Orange County, California—Dozens of volunteer shifts were scheduled following this event in Representative Ed Royce's district.

See more tweets and photos in the slide show below:

The action doesn't stop there. OFA volunteers are planning their next immigration events now. Join them in taking action.
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