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Action August: The big picture on immigration reform

My good friend Megan was married to her husband Agustin on Feb. 3, 2013. Just two weeks later, Agustin was pulled over for a traffic stop and deported shortly thereafter. The officer never told him why he was stopped. America was the only real home that Agustin had ever known, but he now lives in Mexico, a place completely foreign to him, far from family, friends, and his wife Megan.

Megan and her husband Agustin were in my mind when I participated in Tuesday's Day of Action, where I joined volunteers from Southwest Ohio to remind Speaker Boehner why we need comprehensive immigration reform. Partnering with InsideOut 11M, a fellow non-profit immigration reform advocacy group, we took life-sized portraits of ourselves which we displayed outside of Speaker Boehner’s West Chester Office to show that we all live in the United States, and we are all descended from immigrants.

Throughout the day we shared stories about why we volunteered and why we need immigration reform. A fellow volunteer, Jose, has lived here since he was four years old, but he is still unable to receive financial aid for school because he is undocumented. He is an honor roll student in high school and wants to study mechanical engineering at Purdue University.

The face on every portrait was different, but each represented the apex of an immigration story that ended in America. Now is the time to reunite families, reward DREAMers, and help give everyone a fair shot at the American Dream. This August, find an event near you and help make comprehensive immigration reform a reality.

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