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Imagine November 7th


It’s the morning of November 7th. Barack Obama has just been re-elected for a second term as President of the United States. As you get out of bed you realize that millions of Americans will continue to have access to affordable health care, higher education will remain accessible, Medicare will be strengthened, equal pay for equal work will stay a priority, and equal rights will continue to be expanded for all Americans. As a country, we will continue with four more years of progress.

President Obama has been re-elected, and you helped re-elect him. You organized the events. You took the trips to Nevada. You made the phone calls. You turned out the vote. You were the difference.

Imagine November 7th. Imagine waking up and knowing that you did everything you could to re-elect Barack Obama.

This election isn’t over and it isn’t in the bag. The actions you take over the next few days contribute directly to the outcome of the election and help set the course for America’s future.

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