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I'm One: William's Story

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This weekend marks 100 days to election day, and organizers and volunteers across Colorado need your help to win our state. One person -- just one at a time -- can make all the difference. Read William’s story about the difference one person can make, then sign up for an It Takes One Weekend of Action event on Saturday or Sunday and make our movement one person stronger.

When did you first volunteer for the Obama campaign?

I first became involved with the Obama campaign in January when I received a call from my local Field Organizer Sarah, who had received my name from a previous internship I had with the Bennet campaign in 2010.

What made you want to get involved?

The President's message of inclusiveness and defense of the middle class is something that resonates with me, and I knew the only way to protect the progress and the message was with support of the President that went beyond simply a vote. After interning for several months I was given the role of a Field Organizer, focusing on my home neighborhood in Northern El Paso County.

What was it like the first time you volunteered? How did you feel going into it, and what did you learn?

My initial job as an intern was to help organize my college campus. I would sit for hours at a booth outside the bookstore and sign up supporters to join our neighborhood team. One of the things I noticed that was different than previous campaigns was the incredible investment we had in our volunteers: one-on-one meetings with team members really allowed us to shape our campus strategy and engage students effectively in regards to the President's message. When we kicked off canvassing I was incredibly enthusiastic about it, and what I really excited about was informing voters about the President's accomplishments (because there are so many of them) and understanding people's perspectives and backgrounds and helping them see what the president has done for them.

Why do you think it's important for people to volunteer for this campaign? Why do you like organizing and volunteering?

I love working with people and being able to have a two-way conversation with a neighbor. This neighbor-to-neighbor means of communication allows for people to have direct concerns addressed. Our campaign will be outspent by the massive Super PACs but we can be much more effective with our neighborhood model, and as part of this movement we have a lot to communicate to our neighbors, in both policy and action.

Grab a friend and come out to an It Takes One weekend of action event near you.

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