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“I’m one step closer to my dreams”

On Friday, thanks to President Obama, this nation’s immigration policy became fairer and more just—and folks around the country wrote in to share what that means to them:

“As an educator in Nevada, I have had many students that will be impacted by this policy. These are young people from great families, who work hard and who love this country for the opportunities that they have been afforded. Thank you, President Obama, for making their ‘dreams’ possible with your courageous decision.”
—Ruth, Nevada

“This means so much to me. I work so hard in school. The thought of me graduating high school and being able to go to college and having a good job in the future is just the best feeling in the world! Thank you, Obama, for making my dreams come true!”
—Alexa, Massachusetts

“As a college professor and Jesuit priest, my life has been enriched by many talented undocumented students who are already making a contribution to the academic and social fabric of this country. Thanks for recognizing their talent and their rights, and for making it possible for them to develop their full potential.”
—Luis, California

“I am a Rutgers student, cosmetologist, Sunday school teacher, sister, salon manager, and Dreamer. This means the world to me. I am in shock but so appreciative ... I will finally be able to obtain a driver’s license, and come out of the shadows. I’m one step closer to my dreams of becoming a high school history teacher.”
—Maria, New Jersey

“This bill means the gifted 12-year-old I taught, whose parents were deported and left her here with her grandmother, will be allowed to stay and finish her education. She's been in the U.S. since age 1. It means the 14-year-old boy I taught who has moved with his father for migrant work for nine years will stay here with his uncle, and hopefully realize his dream of being an entrepreneur.”
—Jamie, North Carolina

“Means a lot, gracias señor presidente!!”
—Monica, Washington, D.C.

If you or someone you know can dream a little bigger thanks to President Obama’s decision, tell us what this change means to you.

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