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I'm One: Alyssa's Story

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This weekend marks 100 days to election day, and organizers and volunteers across Colorado need your help to win our state. One person -- just one at a time -- can make all the difference. Read Alyssa’s story about the difference one person can make, then sign up for an It Takes One Weekend of Action event on Saturday or Sunday and make our movement one person stronger.

When did you first volunteer for the Obama campaign? Why did you want to get involved?

My first time volunteering was with a group of friends back in January 2008. None of us could vote yet, but we knew we needed Barack Obama in the White House and wanted to do something to help. So we showed up at a field office and were put to work! By the general election, we’d roped in more friends and over 80 of our classmates took Election Day off school to knock doors. I’m back this year as a Field Organizer to protect what President Obama’s done for my generation – health care, student loans, supporting marriage equality…the list goes on! – and to ensure that our government continues to work in the best interest of the people. There’s too much at stake this year to stay on the sidelines.

What was your experience like the first time you volunteered?

The first time I canvassed, two or three friends and I went door-to-door in our own neighborhood. It was probably about 20 degrees with snow on the ground, and we were all a little nervous so didn’t want to split up. One of the first people we spoke with was a teacher at our high school who hadn’t decided who to support in the caucus. We spent about an hour chatting over hot chocolate about how Barack Obama is a candidate for everyone, not just high school seniors who like his positive message. Seeing that her students were passionate enough about the election to give up a Saturday and visit strangers put our teacher over the edge. She decided to support Barack Obama, and my friends and I discovered that even though we couldn’t vote, we could make a big impact.

Why do you think it's important for people to volunteer for this campaign? Why are you spending your time organizing?

In our Summit County field office, we have a “Why I’m In” wall where our visitors write a reason why they’re supporting President Obama. One of our volunteers added something she worried was too cheesy: Because democracy is not a spectator sport. She’s absolutely right. We can’t let this election be decided by TV ads or the talking heads on cable news. It’s up to us to have conversations with our neighbors about how President Obama’s policies have benefited our community and why we need their vote in just about 100 days. Coloradans are very independent – we don’t want to listen to the talking heads, anyway! But when someone from our neighborhood takes the time to come to our door and share a story about how President Obama’s policies affect them, that makes an impact. Those are the conversations that voters will remember when they cast their ballots in October and November, and that’s how we create a healthy democracy.

Grab a friend and come out to an It Takes One weekend of action event near you.

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