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“I’m incredibly proud”

Supporters are still writing in to express what President Obama’s support of same-sex marriage means to them and their families:

“I ordered the license plate 'YSWECN' today. I'm incredibly proud of our President.”
—Blair, Maryland

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for standing up for same-sex marriage. I am so grateful for all that you do. I am really hoping that one day I can marry my partner, I love her very much and you are fighting for our rights. I can’t thank you enough for standing up for us.”
—Alicia, California

“It means we truly are moving forward. Thank you, Mr. President. As a gay American, I wish I could convey how much it means to me that the tide is turning on this issue. I am proud to have voted for a President who is leading that charge.”
—Amy, California

“I love my brother so much. I want for him to find the love of his life and be able to get married someday. I'm so proud of President Barack Obama for letting the world know where he stands. Thank you for your bravery, Mr. President. This is what real leadership is made of. You definitely have my vote.”
—Lena, West Virginia

“I am a youth minister. For my gay and lesbian youth, this means their President is on their side.”
—Deborah, Missouri

“Thank you, Mr. President, for taking a stand for same-sex marriage and civil rights for all. Your decision means my 19-year-old gay son can feel he has the support of the president.”
—Jonathan, Nevada

“I have many, many gay friends. I cannot stop tearing up at what this means for them, and all our LGBT brothers and sisters. I campaigned for [Barack Obama] in 2008, and I will work even harder this time around. Thank you so much, President Obama.”
—Katie, Indiana

“It means I am closer to being a part of the American story than I've ever been as a black, gay American.”
—Victor, Michigan

“My President made history ... again! He is the first sitting president in history to say and do the right thing regarding same-sex marriage. I voted right when I cast my vote for President Obama the first time and I will be right when I vote for him again.”
—Dy'an, Kentucky

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