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I’m IN for Obama 2012- The Haiku

Grassroots leader Drew P. of Waterford is not only IN for Obama 2012, he never left. Drew has been organizing in his community for the better part of three years. He was a part of health insurance reform, Wall Street reform, and worked on behalf of allies of the President during last years elections.

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He documents many of those efforts in his favorite literary form, the Haiku. So when we asked Drew why he was IN for Obama 2012, it was only natural that he answered with the following

So much left to work for
A lot of people to reach.
Let's do it. I'm IN.

We are happy Drew is IN and as poetic as ever. Drew’s working hard to get as many people in Oakland County IN for Obama 2012. Are you in? Do you live in the O.C. and want to help Drew “The Haiku” empower your neighbors. It’s easier than you think. Drop us a line at [email protected] or click here to let Obama 2012 know you’re IN.

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