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I'm In for a Greener tomorrow

By MaryEllen S., Albuquerque, NM Volunteer

I’m in because President Obama has consistently spelled out his objectives; he has consistently said these were long-term goals and would take time to achieve – probably not within his first term in office. He has repeatedly pushed for clean energy initiatives, stating that these provide the jobs of the future and would diminish our reliance on fossil fuels.

MaryEllen S. is in because we need to give Obama a chance to finish what he's started

The President is spending time talking about his energy agenda because clean energy jobs are the “jobs of the future.” When he went to visit a company last week that makes hybrid transmissions, he said "it’s clean energy companies like this one that will keep our economy growing, create new jobs and make sure America remains the most prosperous nation in the world."

I have every confidence that President Obama is also gravely concerned about the dangers of global warming and will continue to foster and disseminate the scientific evidence to support the need for global action on this front. I’m In because President Obama has a comprehensive vision for our future which I trust.

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