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I’m Emily, and here is why you’ll be hearing from me in Downtown Chattanooga & North Chatt!

Emily E.

I grew up in a very liberal and politically active family. My dad had his first serious campaign role at the age of fourteen, and by his senior year, half of the time he was in school, and the rest of his time was spent on campaigns. My mother was a little bit more of a late bloomer in the political scene, but she was always informed, even before she could vote. Most people who know me would say that it was only a matter of time before I dove head first into a political campaign. So I guess the question is, why now? My family and I were living in New York on September 11, 2001. We witnessed a lot of anger among New Yorkers following the tragedy. There was a great deal of animosity between the Arab-American community and the rest of New York, and my mom wanted to do something to re-unite the community. She wanted to show my brother and I the impact that one person can make. So my mom began reaching out to people all over the community and organizing them. Her efforts resulted in a public march to encourage racial tolerance. It was an experience that I can only describe as magical. Although I was only five years old, I can still remember it as if happened yesterday. There were people of different ages, nationalities, and religions walking together as one for the good of the community and for the hope of a better world in the future. My mom taught me that day that one person can make a difference. The President stands for what is important to me. The President has made so much progress in his first term and will continue making progress if we win in 2012. My parents have shown me through their actions that it is possible for one person to make a difference. I am here today to make a difference. I am only 15, so I will not be able to vote in the election, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a voice. I have a voice and I’m using it to talk to people about issues that are important for our country now and for the generations to come. I’m here to ask people who have the power to vote to cast their vote for the next generation of Americans. I know if you answer when I call, if you agree to sit down with me to figure out your interests, skills and why you’re “In” – that together we can do in Tennessee and Chattanooga what has never been done before – and together we can protect the progress we’ve made and keep our country moving forward. Can I count on you to meet with me when I call?

Emily E.'s Goal Wall

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