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“I’m about to take the stage”

First Lady Michelle Obama sent this message ahead of her speech at the Democratic National Convention tonight:

Tonight I'll take the stage in Charlotte to talk about why my husband—and our president—is the right man for the job.

Twenty-three years ago, I fell in love with Barack because of his passion, sense of purpose, and his determination to make life better for other people. It's just who he is—and it's who he continues to be every day in the White House.

And for these next two months, we've got to give it everything we've got so that we have the chance to finish what we started.

Already this week, folks have chipped in more than 120,000 grassroots donations to help build this organization. That's just incredible.

So let's see how many people we can get to chip in by the end of this convention. If you think Barack's the right man for the job, please show your support with a donation today.



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