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“With President Obama, there is progress for the middle class”

“I support President Obama because his education, immigration, health, tax, business, energy, foreign and environmental policies align with my values; while Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan’s positions go against the future I want for our country.”

“Our economy grows when the middle class moves forward, and President Obama’s policies are centered on that belief; the Republican candidates’ policies benefit a select few. They are policies that we tried in the past already, with terrible results. With President Obama, there is progress for the middle class.”

“President Obama has already done so much for my family. My daughter studies at university and uses loans, and now she knows that paying it will be possible to pay those loans back. My son has a pre-existing condition, and no one can now deny him health care because of it. The President ended the war in Iraq, and the economy is slowly getting better."

“That’s why I support Obama, and why I’ll vote for him in the coming election.”

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