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Weekend Canvassing in Wisconsin

As November approaches, Obama for America – Illinois will ramp up canvassing efforts in surrounding battleground states. These will be exciting opportunities to meet fellow Obama supporters, bond over road trips, and experience the thrill of rallying additional support for the President.

Last weekend, several Illinois volunteers, fellows, and organizing staff traveled to Wisconsin to help get out the vote.

After a brief orientation at the local headquarters, we embarked on canvassing assignments scattered throughout the city in teams of 2-4 people. We knocked on doors encouraging voters to own their vote.

volunteer for obama

As we canvassed neighborhoods, we also recruited volunteers for the campaign. But we did not always need to knock on doors to recruit supporters. Many residents approached us eager to learn more about the campaign and contribute their time and energy to our grassroots movement. It was exhilarating to interact with so many people who were excited to reelect our President!

The campaign will be making many more canvassing trips out of state as the election nears, and we encourage you to sign up for future canvassing events!

You’ll enjoy the experience and make some new friends along the way.

Click here to sign up to stay in the know about upcoming canvassing trips.

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