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We Have to Have His Back

On April 16th, Sherry S., owner of Amour Salon and Suites on Chicago’s south side, hosted the 6th Ward for Obama community meet-up, which featured a screening of “The Road We’ve Traveled.” Attendees kept repeating the phrase, “We have to have his back.”

What does it mean to have President Obama’s back?

It means stepping up and doing everything I can to support him in his re-election. Whether that’s going to Wisconsin to educate voters, making phone calls to Ohio, or joining the campaign’s Barbershop and Beauty Salon program, I am going to have his back.

What inspired you to get involved?

I have been an Obama supporter from the beginning. I relate to President Obama because we both have a servant’s heart. The president didn’t run off and get some big- time corporate job when he got out of school. He came right here, to the south side, to help the down and out rise up. I try to do that with my salon.

As a small business owner, how have you benefitted from the President’s policies?

I have received helped for my business in the form of small business grants and he’s lowered my taxes.

What are you hearing in your salon about President Obama?

On Saturdays, my salon is packed and we always talk about President Obama, the upcoming election, and his accomplishments. People want to help, they want to get involved. We are so proud that he is our president. My customers realize history is being written right now. It’s happening as we speak and we’re all ready to do our part.

Are you ready to have his back? Sign up to join a neighborhood team. You’ll learn about the opportunities to get involved with the campaign.

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