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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Boots on the Ground

When President Obama launched his re-election campaign in April, Ryan G., a Fall Fellow in Chicago's Lakeview neighborhood, immediately knew he was “in!” This election cycle, Ryan wanted to step out of his comfort zone to share his enthusiasm and passion with other supporters.

Ryan, an Irish immigrant, was ready to put his boots on the ground and work to re-elect President Obama.

After going online to do a Google search to find ways he could get involved in the campaign, Ryan discovered the Summer Organizers program.

As a Summer Organizer, Ryan played a key role in forming neighborhood teams in Chicago’s western suburbs. His experience this summer was so rewarding that he decided to continue organizing as a Fall Fellow on Chicago’s north side.

“The best thing about being an organizer is the people you meet. Every day I meet people who have the same passion and goal that I have: to re-elect President Obama. As an organizer, I have not only become a leader, but someone who can help others do their part to help the President and secure the future for our children.”

This fall, Ryan is setting his goals high. Although Election Day is still 13 months away, he understands what is at stake this election cycle. Ryan is planning on fighting hard until the end.

“I am passionate about civil rights and equality for all. As a nation, we should be treated equally no matter the color of our skin or sexual orientation. President Obama believes in freedom for all Americans.”

Ryan and other Fall Fellows will be working hard these next few months to continue to build up a grassroots organization across Illinois, and they need your help! Find a local event or sign up to volunteer. Follow their progress on Twitter using the hashtag #FallFellows11.

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