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Summer Fellow Spotlight: Paul

Paul Canvasses in Iowa

I was too young to vote in 2008, so this summer was my first taste of life on a campaign. In my time volunteering, I’ve learned that what makes a campaign run smoothly are the everyday activities like making phone calls, engaging with volunteers, reporting data, and coordinating team members. There’s plenty of fun to be had working as a fellow, whether it’s going out and canvassing or knowing that you’re part of a nationwide army of volunteers.

At the end of each day, though, it’s the sum of all the little things that I do as a fellow that brings me a sense of accomplishment. By making those phone calls, I’ve recruited a lot of interesting, passionate people who I never would have met otherwise. In turn, they’ve found a way to connect their passions to a cause they believe in.

These human connections are behind all the numbers we report every day. Ultimately, it is connections that enable our team to reach out to those undecided or first-time voters and persuade them to support the president. Come November 6, it’s that cumulative effect of thousands of volunteers doing lots of ordinary things that will push us over the top.

Join Paul and keep the campaign running smoothly by applying to be a Fall Organizing Fellow today!

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