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Summer Fellow Spotlight: Noelle & Hannah

Summer Fellows Noelle and Hannah

On the road to her first summer organizing fellows training, Noelle was nervous. "I had never worked on a campaign before," she remembers. "I thought that I might make a fool of myself."

She did no such thing. Shortly into the program, Noelle met Hannah at a phone bank in Maywood and the two quickly became friends. After training with the other fellows, the two moved on to their job for the summer: building up the field program in DeKalb County.

Both are now leaving the fellows program knowing that they made a huge impact on the community in which they worked. Their Regional Field Director agrees, offering high praise for the duo.

"They have really been a huge help in terms of getting a new volunteer base built in parts of the state that we didn’t previously have. Noelle and Hannah will leave behind a better campaign because of the work that they put in."

Do your part to move the campaign forward. Apply to be a fall fellow today.

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