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Small Business Owners for Obama: Marcus

Small Business Owner Marcus

There are some things that just belong together: peanut butter and jelly, bread and butter, apple pie and vanilla ice cream. Without one, the other just isn’t the same. The same is true of small businesses and strong communities. Local industries give cities and towns their distinctive charm, but they also owe their success to the support and loyalty of their neighbors. That’s why the campaign celebrates small business owners every day, applauding their successes and efforts to strengthen communities.

Marcus Rogers is a newly-minted small business owner. With the help HACIA and the Institute for Workforce Education, two organizations supported by the president's green small businesses initiatives, Rogers and a friend started their own construction company. Running his new company hasn’t dampened his loyalty and dedication to his Chicago community, though. Indeed, Rogers says that the program’s focus on “the little guys” inspired him to give back even more.

Marcus is even pushing to create his own organization to encourage community action on both local and national levels. For Rogers, Barack Obama is just the man to inspire a national sense of togetherness because the president “is a product of the friendly environment of Kenwood and Hyde Park,” an area that brings together whites, blacks, and Latinos as well as members of all different faiths, creeds and sexual orientations.

President Obama has brought a focus on community to the White House, stressing the importance of helping the less fortunate and sharing responsibility for the well-being of our country. “We’re on the right track,” says Rogers. “I want to see more of the same from the president.”

Own your own business? Join Marcus and thousands of others as part of Small Business Owners for Obama!

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