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Showing Our Obama Pride

On Monday, members of the Chicago LGBT community gathered at an event hosted by T’s Restaurant and Bar in Andersonville, to learn about the fight to re-elect President Barack Obama.

“Tonight made me realize the importance of motivating my friends and family to vote,” said Danielle Carlson of Andersonville. “We can't just assume that President Obama will win. We have to work for it."

Supporters filled the back bar area and discussed what the President’s commitment to the community meant to them. Alderman James Cappleman of the 46th Ward spoke of the importance of the LGBT community joining the fight.

“My partner of over 20 years doesn’t get insurance through his job, so I always have to get jobs with domestic partner benefits,” said Alderman Cappleman. “Without the President’s health care law, people like my partner would have no access to insurance at all.”

Supporters also viewed “The Road We’ve Traveled,” which highlights the accomplishments of the President’s his first term, including ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, making it possible for LGBTQ American’s to serve openly in the military for the first time.

“There is great energy from the crowd and Alderman Cappleman’s speech was motivating!” said Adrian Sirdar of Pilsen.

President Obama has called on each of us to do our part and own a piece of this re-election campaign. Sign up today for updates on the latest LGBT events happening around Illinois.

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