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Obama Organizing Fellow Spotlight: Anne H.

This week is Fellows Week in Illinois. To celebrate, we're honoring a few of our current and former Obama Organizing Fellows by sharing their stories until the Illinois application deadline on May 21st.

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At the end of the fall Obama Organizing Fellowship program, Anne H. was asked to join Organizing for America - Pennsylvania as a Field Organizer. She took time out of her busy day to share her story:

I applied to become a fall fellow because our country is at a crucial turning point. I wanted to play a personal role in making sure we head in the right direction by re-electing Barack Obama.

The teams I have met and helped develop remind me why I organize. Their determination, adaptability, and generosity inspire me. It’s meaningful to build relationships within our teams and with other organizers across a fellowship cohort.

Grassroots organizing builds mutual trust and shared ownership of our communities.

Phone banks are crucial to building that ownership. Our phone banks are personal. It’s emotionally uplifting to gather to call neighbors a few blocks away. The phone calls are only the start of a conversation that we hope continues in person.

Organizing is about that moment when someone goes from being a name on a list to a face we recognize. It’s rewarding when event attendees we recruit learn to coordinate their own events. The people I met taught me so much more about a neighborhood I've lived in for 16 years. These exchanges led me to coffee shops and community centers I didn't know about, that shared space to support our common goal of re-electing President Obama. Deepening our knowledge of neighborhoods, street by street, allows us to live in our communities more fully.

My best advice for the summer organizing fellows is to push yourselves to take initiative and lead by example. No responsibility is too small. It is an amazing thing when others give of their time, so value their contributions.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to develop new skills, meet amazing people, and move the country forward, apply for an Obama Organizing Fellowship.

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