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NW Side Policy Roundtable: The Economy

NW Side Policy Roundtable: Debt, Deficit, and the Economy

Recently a group of activists, community organizers, and volunteers gathered to discuss public policy at Mo Dailey’s Pub and Grille on the northwest side of Chicago. The forum afforded volunteers the opportunity to hear opinions, share their own thoughts, and learn the president’s policy positions to enhance their ability to amplify the campaign’s message.

Community organizer Charles Watkins opened the conversation. “Public policy should reflect the values of our elected and appointed officials.” That statement framed the ensuing conversation and within moments the group came to the consensus that policymakers should have values that align with their constituents rather than with special interest groups.

The group was highly engaged, interspersing the high-level discussion with their personal thoughts and concerns. “Corporate tax cuts jeopardize the American way of life,” one supporter mentioned. “Outsourcing jobs doesn’t put American back to work,” added another.

With issues like the national debt and unemployment, the need for effective leadership on the economy has never been greater. One attendee framed it this way:

“The decisions our elected and appointed officials make about our way forward are going to be a reflection of their values. An abandoned American factory does not represent what Americans values.”

After the discussion, attendees were encouraged to engage in future volunteer opportunities, neighborhood phone banks, and other special events. If you live on the northwest side of the city, don’t miss the next NW Side Policy Roundtable on Health Care and the Affordable Care Act on August 12th!

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