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Neighborhood Team Leader of the Week

Name: Niki C.
Campaign role: Co-Neighborhood Team Leader
Neighborhood: Hyde Park, Chicago, IL

Obama neighborhood team leader

What inspired you to get involved and become a Neighborhood Team Leader?

I've volunteered in the past, but never to the extent I would have liked and never utilizing my talents to their fullest. My friend Matt and I are always talking politics and the campaign and how much we support President Obama. We both decided, almost simultaneously, that we were "in." We wanted to make a real difference and get more involved. Being co-Neighborhood Team Leaders was the natural thing to do.

How do you describe what a Neighborhood Team Leader does to your friends?

I let them know we organize. We welcome anyone who wants to volunteer her/his time to re-electing the President. We put together grassroots teams of talented, committed individuals to assist with phone banks, canvassing, hosting events, etc. I also tell them I get to meet a lot of interesting people. That's a bonus, though.

What’s the most rewarding part of being a Neighborhood Team Leader?

The most rewarding part is the sense of community, of commonality, and of purpose. We're intelligent, passionate, kind people who believe in something, who hope for a better future, who aren't going let politics of fear or bullying get in the way of "a more perfect Union."

What advice would you give to a new Neighborhood Team Leader?

Trust your community organizers, read as much material as you can, but most importantly: Listen. Listen to those who know better. Listen to peoples' stories. Listen to what the chatter is out there.

Do you live in the Hyde Park area? Sign up to join Niki’s neighborhood team or start your own and help the President get re-elected.

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