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“I’ve Got His Back”: Dorothy

Dorothy Has His Back

As she sits in the Lombard field office talking and laughing, it's easy to see that Dorothy is a natural for campaign work.

"I love people--it's just part of my gene pool," she explains. Raised in a small town in northeast Texas, Dorothy traces her instincts for organizing back to wisdom she received from her father at a young age.

"My father taught me a lot of things. Most of all, he taught me that you must always think about how you treat other people. He also taught me that you have to vote. Too many people have been through too much for us not to vote."

Dorothy's remembers first hearing about the president when he stood up and spoke out against the Iraq War during his campaign for Senate in 2003. She met him at a fundraiser shortly thereafter and found him to be just as authentic and impressive in-person as he was on TV.

"Barack Obama was saying things that other people were afraid to say. He struck me as an honest person who wasn't worried about the political consequences of what he said."

When then Senator Obama declared his candidacy for the Presidency in 2007, Dorothy knew that she had his back. "Wherever they asked me to go, I did it." She made phone calls, visited battleground states, and signed up volunteers to serve as election judges. This election cycle, she has ramped up her support even more and has become a fixture at the Lombard field office.

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