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IA Canvasser Spotlight: Leon & Lila

Leon and Lila in Dubuque

On Saturday, volunteers all across the country spent the day spreading the president's message as part of the "It Takes One" Day of Action. Two of those volunteers, Leon and Lila, enjoyed their first ever canvass trip as they travelled with their team to Dubuque, Iowa.

The couple emigrated from Poland forty years ago seeking better opportunities. Both have been life-long Democrats since their arrival and naturalization. Their support of the Obama administration has been unwavering and they feel that this is their last chance to become active volunteers.

"We first visited the headquarters in 2008 to purchase Obama gear and have always had a sign in our lawn and a bumper sticker on our car. But now we must do more."

Since their realization that they should become more active in the campaign, the two have done just that. They are now heavily involved in their neighborhood team and regularly attend phone banks and team meetings.

"President Obama is a great person, father, husband, and citizen. He is for us: the middle class. He has our best interest in mind with policies like the Affordable Care Act."

Leon and Lila are looking forward to the next canvass trip to Iowa. Will you join them and find an upcoming event near you?

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