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IA Canvass Trip Spotlight: Bryan

Bryan at Illinois State HQ

This past Saturday, over 300 volunteers drove from Chicago to various places in Iowa. Our mission: to ensure that we re-elect our president in November and finish the work we started four years ago.

At my team’s meeting place in Hyde Park, I was struck by the enthusiasm of my fellow volunteers. Even more impressive was the behind-the-scenes organization that preceded our journey and the skills of our veteran leaders who made sure we had everything we needed to make our day a success.

On the Road to Iowa

This was the first time I had ever engaged in this level of grassroots activism, and it was very cool.

During our three-hour drive, the ten of us (most of whom had just met for the first time) bonded over our personal motivations for signing up for the trip, our past canvassing experiences, our passion for the political process, and our knowledge that re-electing President Obama is right choice for our country.

Vans Drive to Iowa

After arriving in Bettendorf and receiving an orientation from the local field office, I took my teammates to their canvassing turfs. Hours later, as I made my check-in and pick-up rounds, I found myself smiling. I asked of my teammates “how did it go?” and got a variety of memorable responses:

“I had a conversation with a family that definitely intends to vote for the president and our conversation stretched from the upcoming election to our current favorite books!”

“Even when I spoke with someone who knew he or she was going to vote for Governor Romney, they were kind and respected what I was doing.”

“I got supporters to fill out voter registration cards and early voting forms!”

In less than three hours, our team knocked on nearly 400 doors. They were able to register voters, persuade residents to vote early, and bolster support for our president. Most importantly, simply by engaging in respectful face-to-face dialogue with voters on the fence, we gave Iowans some critical issues to consider and did our part to build support for our president in the state.

Missed the trip this weekend? Click here to find an upcoming event near you!

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